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Swinging into 2018

Most gym goers freight over the New Year Resolutioners but I say,

"Bring Them On!"

There is never a bad time to set a new goal and when you BYOK (Bring Your Own Kettlebell) you won't have to worry about someone taking over the squat rack or crowding the bench press.

If you're looking to Branch Out then grab your Kettlebells and

Get Your Swing On!

This workout will POWER you into 2018 with a sense of STRENGTH and a

feeling of BALANCE as you enter the new year. CHEERS!

20 Reps (10 each side) Followed By 18 Reps

Front Squat w/ Single Leg Hold Swings

Push Ups w/ 1 Hand on KB Alternating Swings

Suitcase Deadlift Overhead Swings

1 Arm Row w/ S.L. Hip Hinge 1 Arm Swing

Clean and Press w/ S.L. Hold Swing Snatch

Windmill 1 Arm High Pull

*Repeat circuit if time permits

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