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From Clients Who Branched Out

Senior Fitness


I can't believe I've been working with Megan at Branchout Fitness for almost a year. I never thought I'd stick with it... BUT with a trainer like Megan I have. I've noticed a significant difference in my strength (Strength training was my goal). Megan has been a good listener to what works for me, and yet she pushes me to the next level.

I look forward to my three 30-minute virtual sessions with Megan every week. She is professional and personal and keeps me on track. In addition to my general strength training, Megan was challenged with my special needs. I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis for almost 50 years and my mobility and range of motion is significantly limited. She has taken on that challenge and researched best practices and adapted exercises and routines so that I could manage them. It’s all working.

If you are looking for a professional trainer who will listen to your goals and circumstances and provide a personal experience that includes a cheering squad, Branchout Fitness will meet your needs. I’m looking forward to where we Branchout next.

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George & Nanette

My name is Nanette and I Branched Out because I want to be fit and mobile enough to be active and enjoy my retirement years.  Also, I met a wonderful trainer, Megan, in our neighborhood park. She encourages me an and makes all exercise accessibly to me outside, in my home (virtually) and even while we travel!  So grateful.

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Competition Fitness and Body Transformation


I completed my Men's Physique competition in October 2019. I was 6 years out of college (where I was a collegiate wrestler) and had about 6 years of mediocre dieting and exercise (and drinking!) giving me a nice "dad bod". 

When Megan got pregnant with Oakley, I used it as motivation to give up drinking for a few months. After a while of seeing the results of that, I approached Megan about seeing how far I could go with a dedicated diet and exercise program with an end goal of stepping on stage. I tracked my weight, body fat and muscle density at regular intervals using a 'bod pod'. I went from 170lbs and 18% BF to 158 and 5% BF (put on about 15 lbs of muscle) in the 5 months that Megan trained me.

I know Megan has a special skill for this because she did it with her husband...while pregnant!



When I met Megan in late 2009, I was 145lbs and over 20% body fat. I had been working out and dieting for 3 years at this point. Over that 3 years I had lost up to 30lbs, but yo-yo'd with my weight. She taught me how to eat clean and workout right. She coached me through my first and second figure competitions in 2010. When I stepped on stage the first time I weight in at 134lbs and 10% body fat. Megan coached me by creating my workout routines, assessing my progress, and by being there for me through the process. 

She also inspired me to become a personal trainer. She had faith in me, and backed me 100%. 

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I have enjoyed working with Megan toward a new, healthy body goal. She helped me get my figure back after the Covid lockdowns and crazy year 2020 presented. Her enthusiasm, professionalism and awareness to body movement keeps my workouts fresh and makes me want to achieve my fitness goals. Her attention to detail and schedule flexibility to train me through an online platform gives each session a personal touch. She has a wealth of knowledge to adapt any exercise to meet my physiological needs. She checks in and knows how to encourage and work through the ups and downs of a body transformation. I look forward to continuing my training with Megan.

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Fitness for Runners



My name is Morgan and I branched out because I wanted to support a fellow neighbor beginning her own small business.I met Megan while out walking in our neighborhood shortly after she moved in. I remember her inviting me to her Saturday class at our local park. I agreed to attend. Truth be told, I hadn't had a structured workout in YEARS! After my first class, I was hooked. The movements were fun, music was excellent and more important, Megan was a constant voice of encouragement. No two classes were the same and she always had attention to detail offering modifications where needed based on client need.One day, Megan asked me to set a goal. I blurted out "Complete a half marathon!" She immediately found a race, we signed up and let the training begin. I was never a runner. EVER. But Megan took me on my first run to assess the current skill level. From there, she made a training guide of daily/weekly goals. I got stronger. I got faster. I accomplished personal records. But more important, I gained a friend, memories, confidence, and a drive to do things out of my comfort zone. I truly "Branched Out"! I still remember seeing Megan's face as I crossed the finish line. That memory along with all the lessons learned while training with Branch Out will forever stay with me. I am so grateful for Megan coaching me, teaching me a love for fitness and to apply that training to anything and anywhere. Stamina, endurance, perseverance, gets you through the workouts and also through life.


Pre- and Postnatal Fitness


My name is Andi and I Branched Out because I wanted to stay fit and healthy during my first pregnancy and didn’t know where to start! Megan took the time to work with me on my goals during the pregnancy and created a fitness plan that worked for me and my schedule. Even though we lived in different states Megan spent time on video calls demonstrating each exercise and checking in on my progress. I used the same plan when I was pregnant with my second baby and felt confident during my workouts. I loved working with Megan and highly recommend her!

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Megan with Branch Out Fitness has been phenomenal! She has not only helped me stay active and healthy before pregnancy, but during and after as well! My progress post pregnancy has been slow, but I can feel the difference. Thank you so much, Branch Out Fitness!!!

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Virtual Group Fitness Participants

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