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Personal Training

Introductory Start Up Package -

$180 for three , 1hr sessions

Session 1: Initial Assessment/Goal Setting 

Session 2: Program Overview and

Exercise Demonstration 

Session 3: Branch Out Workout 

Follow-Up Sessions

Single Sessions - $65/hr 

5 Session Package Deal - $300 

10 Session Package Deal - $550  

Partner/ Small Group Training

Partner Training - $80/hr for the pair 

Designed to meet the needs of the collective pair. 

Similar training goals are required to book this service.

5 Session Package Deal for Partner Training $375

Small Group Training - $90/hr for 3-5 people 

Designed to meet the needs and requests of the group.

Please provide what type of training session the group is seeking.

Examples: Strength, Cardio, Combination, Yoga, Kettlebells, Kickboxing etc  

5 Session Package Deal for Small Group Training $425

Branch Out Opportunity

Branch Out Opportunity is an educational and hands on demonstration that can add value to

your current workout regimen by introducing a new training tool or training concept.

Branch Out sessions provide fundamental principles as it relates to the given topic of choice.

Branch Out Opportunity Sessions - $60/session

Kettlebell Training

TRX Training

Balance Training

Optimize Your Nutritional Fueling  

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